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How to apply

  1. Application form: Complete  the online application 

  2. Transcripts: Contact your last educational institution and upload official transcripts. 

  3. References: Contact three people to supply letters of recommendation (professional and/or personal) and upload them on the application form.

  4. Personal statement: Please upload a brief  statement regarding your interest in becoming a Montessori teacher and your experience with children.

  5. Pay the non-refundable $50 application fee



A college degree is not mandatory for acceptance into the Montessori course, provided the applicant has a compensating background of relevant experience. 

AMS grants the AMS Associate Early Childhood Credential when the course graduate has a high school diploma or GED, but not a Bachelor's degree. Country, state and local employment requirements vary widely and change periodically. In addition, employment requirements vary in different types of schools (e.g. private, public/charter, faith based, publicly funded). In some locations or schools, an Associate Credential may not qualify for full teaching responsibility.

Even if it is currently possible to qualify for a full teaching responsibility without a Bachelor's degree, employment regulations may change in the future. The applicant is responsible for checking specific jurisdictions and schools for particular employment requirements.

Applicants for this AMS Early Childhood course who do not have a U.S. Bachelors degree from a regionally accredited U.S college/university or its equivalent are required to sign a statement verifying that they have received the above information before they are considered for acceptance into this course.

AMS strongly encourages holders of the Associate Credential to obtain a Bachelor's degree within 7 years of credentialing. AMS hopes you consider your credential as the beginning of your journey of lifelong learning.


Admission will not be based on race, sex, religion, age, or national origin. Applicants are notified regarding their acceptance as soon as all application information has been submitted.

Applicants are encouraged to observe in various potential practicum sites, complete suggested readings, and interview with the Program Director.

Throughout the application process, plans are developed for an acceptable practicum experience, and site selection is usually finalized by June. Assistance and support is provided by the Center in every way possible from the beginning of this process.

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