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Classroom Furnitures


Academic Phase

The course consists of an academic phase followed by a nine-month practicum. The academic phase is held in Boston. The practicum may take place anywhere in the world, in a Montessori school selected by the student and approved by NEMTEC.

Academic Phase

The academic phase of the course covers the Montessori method and philosophy within the context of the larger educational community, child development, and educational philosophy. We concentrate on the full range of Montessori, including the demonstration of all didactic materials, the rationale underlying the use and presentation of these materials, and the analysis of Montessori theory in an historical and contemporary setting.

The core curriculum areas of the academic phase include:


  • Montessori Philosophy and Theory 

  • Child Development 

  • Observation and Record Keeping 

  • Classroom Management and Planning 

  • School Administration 

  • Parent Involvement 

  • Montessori Curriculum & Materials in: 

    • Everyday Living 

    • Sensorial 

    • Math 

    • Language 

    • Geography and Cultural Studies 

    • Science 

    • Music 

    • Movement, Motor Development 

    • Peace and Education 

We also have workshops and panel discussions on various related topics such as all-day child care, extended day programs, first aid in the classroom, line and group activities, materials-making, and parent education programs. The academic phase of the course consists of class lectures, field trips, practice labs, and study group work. Every part of the academic phase involves a very high degree of staff participation, support, and individualized instruction and feed-back for each student in a non-competitive environment.

Throughout the academic phase, students use fully-equipped lab environments to practice with materials and experiment with classroom design and materials display. 

There is an extensive resource library of texts and video tapes and an observation classroom in session throughout the summer.

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